Operations Manual    

The importance of having a high quality franchise procedural and operations manual cannot be overstressed. A good operations manual is the backbone of a franchise system, and documents every aspect of a franchise, enabling the franchisee to work effectively. We will support you in the development of a comprehensive operations manual, tailored for your business, and ready to use in a working environment.

The Franchise Agreement    

The franchise agreement is the cornerstone document of the franchisee -franchisor relationship. It is this document that is legally binding on both parties, laying out the rights and obligations of each party. It is on this basis that a long term relationship grows and prospers. If both parties know what is expected of them, then working together is so much easier!

Franchise Marketing Prospectus    

A well designed and thought through prospectus will help you create a great brand for your franchise. Specialising in helping franchisors to explore and express their unique brand opportunities, we put together an informative and eye-catching prospectus that really communicates the benefits of your franchise, enabling you to achieve greater clarity and purpose throughout your franchise network. The prospectus can be online or as a printable version.