Pampered Pets

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I thought for my first blog topic I’d choose a subject close to many peoples hearts… pets. We have two pets, a cat and a dog… or maybe five if you count the hens!?

First along was the cat, Claude. Claude was a ‘he’ who turned out to be a ‘she’, (long story!?) hence the male name, although I sometimes think that ‘Clawed’ is quite appropriate.

Although a little less suicidal now, Claude as a kitten seemed to be something of an adrenalin junkie, intent on using up her nine lives, and with a head for heights the hens could only dream about. Floor to ceiling curtains soon lost their appeal as trees, upstairs windowsills, and even the roof of the house provided ever greater nail biting moments… for us, not the cat!

Like most cats, Claude is just ‘too cool for school’, as my 13 year old daughter and perpetual drain on my wallet tells me. Unlike those clever cats that jump up and turn door handles, magician like, Claude can open doors simply by staring hard enough at them and willing one of the humans she shares a house with to do the actual physical work. Same with her food as it happens.

We then picked up Missy the dog along the way. I’m sure like me you’ve noticed the modern trend for crossbred dogs… Labradoodles, Cockapoos, and the likes… well Missy is our neurotic cross between a Jack Russell and a Shitzu, I’ll leave it to your imagination as to what that makes her!?

She’s a great little mutt, but completely loses the plot around the cat. She’s the only dog I know that doesn’t like dog food (even I’ve tried the dog biscuits and they’re not that bad), but if the cat looks sideways at her bowl of drying and congealing food it all of a sudden becomes a matter of life and death to get as much of it down her neck… before (she thinks) the cat lays claim. The dog will even eat the cats kibble just to deny the cat the opportunity.

Missy on guard duty

Missy maintaining her vigil

Basically if the cat likes or wants it (or more correctly, the dog thinks the cat likes or wants it) then the dog will try desperately to deny her of it. In fact it’s worse than that, even the dogs growing treasure trove of debris… plastic toys, chews, pencils (yes, the dog collects pencils),etc… is jealously guarded whenever the cat’s in the vicinity. The cat by the way could clearly not give one iota whether the dogs half eaten, slobbered over chew toy was vulnerable to pilfering.

We probably don’t help the Missy’s neuroticism of all things feline when we periodically remove the aforementioned debris while she’s not looking, but the accusing stares she then gives Claude are pure pet gold. So the dynamic between the two does indeed make things interesting at times and we’re never short of those entertaining ‘Tom and Jerry’ style moments as one chases the other… and it’s not always the dog terrorising the cat as you might think.

Claude planning her next heist

Claude planning her next heist

But the other interesting dynamic is of course how we in the house treat them both… completely pampered. Between walks, treats, beds, toys, grooming (bloody haircut for the dog is four times that for me), vets when required, and even the running around that’s required when we want to stay even a night away from home is simply extraordinary.


Which explains of course why the Pets and Pet Care industry is so huge in the UK and Ireland right now, and why Pet franchises are so incredibly popular… offering a desirable lifestyle choice as well as a potentially lucrative business opportunity.

Over 43% of the UK population owns a pet – a huge market, and Pet Franchises include animal training franchises, animal care franchises, pet taxi franchises, pet sitting franchises, and pet food delivery franchise opportunities.

And despite the current economic conditions, the pet market is relatively stable… people are continuing to spend money on their pets. Buying a pet franchise allows you to tap into this market and also draw on the business know-how and brand recognition of the franchisor.

If you have a business supplying products and/or services to the pet market and are interested in how you might grow your business through franchising, or you’re interested in buying a franchise in the pet market, why not get in touch with me to discuss your ideas.

9th April 2013