The franchise consultant package is designed to provide smaller companies with a comprehensive package of support, covering all aspects of the development work required to franchise, and for a fixed fee. The work carried out might include:

  • On-site business review of the existing business model re franchise expansion
  • Confirmation that the business can be franchised and advice re how the franchise should be structured and operate
  • Development of the franchise model including the franchise package, Initial and ongoing fee structures, production of the financial models for franchisees and an analysis of the financial return to the company as the franchisor
  • Development of the operational model detailing the roles and functions of the franchisor company and the individual franchisees within their own areas
  • Induction training and support programme for new franchisees
  • Copy writing and design brief for the franchise brochure
  • Production of the briefing document for the franchise agreement
  • Advice re which solicitors to use to produce the agreement
  • Support re the development of the franchise agreement
  • Creation of the draft franchise operations manual in an electronic format
  • Production of the franchise recruitment plan and recruitment documentation
  • Advice re funding and sources of finance for franchisees
  • Advice re joining the British Franchise Association
The total cost to franchise your business depends of course on the current state of readiness of the business, but the consultancy provided and the cost will be tailored to your specific requirements. It may be that you need advice and input to one particular aspect of your franchise concept or it may be that you need a full root and branch input to bring the franchise to market. Either way, the actual cost of the consultant package depends largely upon the particular requirements of your business. Timescale for smaller company projects is normally three to four months and payments can be agreed on a staged basis However, If you have the time and skills to get actively involved in the development of your franchise system then we can provide you with a package of “added value support services” that will provide you with support in the areas that you need it. So if you are great at writing training programmes and operations procedures and only need help with the financial modelling then use our financial modelling package. Alternatively if you are a whizz with figures and can do all of the number crunching yourself and you only need help with recruitment then you can use our recruitment package to develop your franchise recruitment system. If you are interested in this approach then examples of what we might put in place for you are: Financial Modelling  – we will assist with the development of all of the financial aspects of your franchise system including:
  • What should you charge for the franchise as an initial fee?
  • How will you generate ongoing income from franchising and how much?
  • We will also produce a set of financial models for franchisees that they can use as part of a business plan to raise finance for the business.
  • The financial modelling package will confirm the overall financial feasibility of franchising for both the company and future franchisees.
  • You will be provided with a master set of all of the above in Excel spreadsheet format
Franchise Documentation  – In order to franchise you will need some key franchise documents. Our franchise document package is designed to provide you with template documents for all of the key franchise documents that you will need including:
  • Franchise Brochure Copy and questionnaire
  • Franchise recruitment procedure and documents
  • Briefing document for the franchise agreement*
Please note – this service does not simply provide you with a set of template documents – we provide active support to you in the development of the documentation on an ongoing basis. legal fee's will apply Franchise Operations Manual – We will support you in the development of a comprehensive operations manual, tailored for your business, and ready to use in a working environment. Franchise Recruitment Package – once you have developed your franchise system our franchise recruitment package will provide you with the support you need to launch your franchise system and start to recruit franchisees. Our franchise recruitment package might include:
  • Development of a franchise profile for your future franchisees
  • Advice re franchisee recruitment – how to effectively recruit franchisees, how much you will need to spend on marketing and where to promote your franchise system
  • Production of a costed franchise recruitment plan in line with the budgeted figure
  • Production of the initial copy and design ideas for recruitment adverts
  • Development or review of the copy and design brief for your franchise brochure
  • Production of a comprehensive suite of recruitment documents in line with an agreed recruitment procedure
Additional Work Any additional work that you need will be agreed on a preferential rate as required to supplement the work carried out for you as above. Please give us a ring to discuss your requirements.